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How Do I Know If My Mercedes Has Remote Start [Complete Guide]

If you own a Mercedes, you may be wondering if your vehicle has remote start capabilities. In this article, we will explore different ways you can determine if my Mercedes has remote start and how to activate it if it’s available. Whether you have a newer or older model, this guide will help you understand the capabilities of your vehicle and make the most of the features available to you.

Check Your Owner’s Manual

The first step in determining if your Mercedes has a remote start is to check your owner’s manual. Your owner’s manual will tell you what features and options are included with your specific make and model. If remote start is an available option, the manual will explain how to use it and what you need to do to activate it.

Check Your Key Fob

Another way to determine if your Mercedes has remote start is to look at your key fob. If your vehicle has remote start, the key fob will typically have a button labeled “Remote Start.” If you see this button, then your Mercedes has remote start capabilities.

Ask Your Dealer

If you’re still unsure whether your Mercedes has remote start, you can ask your dealer. Your dealer will have access to information about your specific make and model, and they can tell you if remote start is available. Additionally, they can also help you activate the feature if it’s not already active.

Look for Remote Start on the Instrument Cluster

When you start your Mercedes, take a look at the instrument cluster. If your vehicle has remote start, you may see a message on the cluster indicating that the engine has been started remotely. This message should appear for a few seconds after you start the car.

Do All Mercedes Models Have Remote Start?

No, not all Mercedes models have remote start. While many newer Mercedes models come equipped with remote start as standard or optional equipment, some older or entry-level models may not have this feature. It is best to check your specific make and model’s owner’s manual, key fob, or ask your dealer to determine if your Mercedes has remote start capabilities.

How Do I Activate Mercedes Remote Start?

To activate the remote start on your Mercedes, you will need to have a key fob with the remote start button or have the feature enabled through the Mercedes Me app if your vehicle is equipped with MBUX technology.

To start the engine with the key fob, press and hold the remote start button for a few seconds until the engine starts. If you are using the Mercedes Me app, open the app, select the “Remote Start” option, and confirm the command.

Keep in mind that not all Mercedes vehicles have the remote start feature and the process of activation may vary depending on your specific make and model. For more detailed instructions, it is recommended to consult your owner’s manual or contact your local dealer.

What Year Mercedes Have Remote Start?

The availability of remote start in Mercedes vehicles varies depending on the make and model. Generally, many newer Mercedes vehicles manufactured after 2010 have remote start as standard or optional equipment.

Some popular models such as the C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, and GLE have offered remote start as standard or optional equipment starting from around the 2013-2014 model year. However, it is important to note that the exact year and models that have remote start can vary based on the specific trim level, country, and other factors.

To determine if your specific Mercedes has remote start, it is recommended to check your owner’s manual, key fob, or consult your local dealer.


Remote start is a convenient feature that makes it easier to start your car from a distance. By checking your owner’s manual, key fob, asking your dealer, or looking for a message on the instrument cluster, you can determine if your Mercedes has a remote start.

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